Criss Angel Walking On Water Illusion

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A Cool illusion performed by street magician by Criss Angel

Can, illusionist, escapologist, stunt performer, and the creator and director of the Criss Angel Mindfreak television series on A&E Network. Now he is trying to simulate and replay what Jesus Christ did more than 2000 years ago, by walking on water, in a magic and illusion performance that’s stunning.lets watch this video

What’s the secret of the Criss Angel walks on water magic trick? How he does it? The secret will most likely points to illusion and camera video editing. The most convincing explanation to the trick is that Criss Angel was walking on some kind of floating device, or plexiglass, or perspex platform, or transparent plastic bridge, or glass path, or vertical poles, which may have some gaps for swimmers to occasionally swim across it. Some also suggested that wires support was been used to hang him, which may be positioned under his arm, especially on the first 25 seconds or so. For all these tricks and optical illusion to happen, so all the ‘audiences’ and ’swimmers’ in the video are actually the actors in the magic that were hired to add realistic and believable feel. The video may be edited by using CGI to hide the think platform in the water.

Some even suggested that the shots were taken on different times that is edited together to give you that illusion of reality. The theory is that because at some times he demonstrated no weight hitting the surface, while on the far away shots, his weight is visible as he hits a surface. Another theory is that the toes on his back foot bend as walking on a flat surface, while on another sequence of the video which supposedly shot from Criss Angel’s camera as he looks down while walking, his toes no longer bend. This magic theory summarily said that during normal angles of video shooting, Criss was walking on plexiglass under the water surface, but for the video angles above him and shoot from Criss’s point-of-view angles were done when he was hanging above the water.

Some interesting points highlighted from the video on the magic are:

1. Criss Angel walked on his heels and his pant hung down and covered the heels.
2. His walking style looks unreal and unnatural on the front part of the magic.
3. The girl in red bikini swam underneath the water instead of crossing the path.
4. Water line on his pants changed, if you believe that the magic sequence was shot in multiple times.
5. A girl crossed between his legs after he took down his shoes, so the area may be without any platform.
6. In some shots, Criss Angel didn’t show weight hitting or weight shifting when stepped down, which made suspension possible.
7. His feet seemed like not stay in a position when stepping.

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Disappearing Toothpick

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A simple but effective vanish magic trick, demonstrated by Criss Angel

Check out the video shown below, to learn how to perform a cool impromptu vanishing magic trick. This stunt is easy to learn and perfect and has the advantage of needing very few props . Hence it can be performed almost anywhere. watch and enjoy

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Climbing Ring

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this magic trick Fun with some office supplies and a borrowed wedding ring.

The Effect: Take a rubber band and thread a borrowed finger ring onto it. The ring is sitting in the center of the band, but then slowly creeps up the rubber band, all by itself!

What You Need: A rubber band, not a real thick one, and a borrowed ring.

The Method: This trick almost works by itself. Actually, the rubber band does the trick, but you take the credit! Break the rubber band. You now have a long piece. Borrow a ring. Thread the ring onto the rubber band, but stretch the rubber band (not all the way; about 12" between your hands) and keep most of the rubber band in your left hand. When you do this, you will have a long, loose piece dangling hidden in your left palm. The spectators won't see this as the back of your hands are towards them. Your hands should be at the same level so that the rubber band is horizontal.
Make sure that the ring is closer to right fingers, but not touching the fingers, about an inch away. Raise your right hand and allow the ring to fall towards your left hand and say, "Anyone can make the ring fall down. But I can make the ring fall up!" Allow the ring to fall within an inch of your left fingertips. Gently ease the grip on the rubber band with your left fingers allowing the rubber band to slide between your left fingertips. Don't worry; they won't see this. (You'll actually fool yourself the first time you do this!) The ring will move up the rubber band as if it were on an escalator. Return the ring, give the rubber band out as a souvenir and bow to your thunderous applause!

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