card trick

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Effect: This is an amazing magical effect, which will blow the socks off your spectators. While your back is turned, the spectator selects a card, places it on the deck and cuts the cards as many times as he wishes. The deck can also be cut by other spectators. Eventually, you turn round and start dealing the cards face up onto the table. You eventually say to the spectators that the next card you turn over will be the selected card. At this point you have already dealt the selected card to the table, so they will probably offer to bet that you're wrong. You then put the pack down, pick up the selected card which is already dealt on to the table, and turn it face down, to thunderous applause!!!

Method: You secretly note the BOTTOM card of the deck. This is known in magical parlance as a KEYCARD. For this explanation we shall say that the keycard is the Ace of Spades (AS), and the selected card is the King of Hearts (KH). Whilst your back is turned, you ask the spectator to remove a card from the middle of the deck. Ask him to remember the card and show it to the rest of the audience (this is important as the trick is useless if the spectator forgets the name of the card and no-one else has seen it!). Ask him to put the card on TOP of the deck. The situation now is that the spectator's card (KH) is on top and the keycard (AS) is on the bottom. Ask him to cut the deck. This places the selected card (KH) below the keycard (AS). When all the cutting is done, ask the spectator to place the pack of cards face UP on the table. All you have to do now is deal the cards face up until you turn over the keycard (AS), the next card will be the selected card (KH). In order to add a bit of entertainment, I usually deal three or four cards past the selected card and then say the next card I turn over will be your card. They'll then think you've got it wrong, which adds to the excitement when you actually turn over the correct card!!

Extra bonus (if you're lucky!!): If when you turn around you find the keycard is showing on the face of the cards, take full advantage of this fact and simply waggle your fingers over the cards (in a magical fashion!!). Tell the spectators that you are causing the chosen card to rise to the top of the deck! Have the spectator turn the deck over and sure enough, the chosen card will be on the top of the deck!

We hope you like this card trick, if so may we suggest that the Blank Deck is an excellent entry level trick that will blow their socks off, with no sleight of hand! Also if you like the magic of David Blaine (who doesn't) the Invisible Deck is probably one of the most baffling card tricks of all time, again with no sleight of hand.

Remember that magic is an illusion that you can do something out of the ordinary, so never reveal your secret and you'll be surprised at the reaction!!!