just a touch

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Mentalis magic... just for you. This effect will serve you well if you will take the time to work out some interesting patter. I will briefly summarize the effect and leave the rest to you...

Have someone mentally select a name (or object, or favorite sports team ). Give them a writing pad with five lines drawn and ask them to write the chosen name on one of the lines. Then, four other unrelated names on the other lines.

Take the pad.. study it.. audibly call out a name and announce that you do not think that name was the chosen name. Call out two more names and tell your audience that your are sure they are not the chosen names either.

Down to the last two names.. study hard.. and announce the chosen name.

Give your spec a RED fine-point or micro ink pen. I use a Uni-ball micro. A short time before the effect, touch the tip of the red ink pen to the felt tip of a BLACK marker, like a Sharpie.

When your spec writes their chosen name on one of the lines, the very tip of the first letter will have a "dark" appearance. If you practice for a few minutes before you perform this effect, you will learn exactly how hard to touch the tips together to achieve a virtually un-noticeable 'smudge'.

NO ONE will notice this smudge, but you.. It will appear as if it's just a little excess ink on the tip.

Again, take the time to work up a Good Story to go with this effect, and you will have a little bit of impressive mental magic to add to your repertoire...