Levitating Cigarette

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this trick magic use a cigarette
THE EFFECT: You have a cigarette in your mouth (can be anything else like a toothpick). You take the cigarette and start to balance it on your tongue! Then you move your hand magically up and down in the air and it starts moving up and down!

Now, you take the cigarette and balance it on the tip of your finger and it starts to wiggle up and down again! Suddenly, you take your hand away and it hovers in mid air. You make a circle with your fingers around it... there can't be any string! Next it starts moving in a circle in front of you, going to face level and down to the floor! Finally for the finishing act you make the cigarette float back into your mouth and walk away, or put it back in a container!

THE SECRET: Invisible thread (You can get some HERE). Take a long piece of invisible string from the top of your belly to your feet. Now, take one side, and tape it/tie it to the center of the cigarette. Take the other side and connect it with a small piece of magicians wax or tape to your right thumb nail.

Now, this part is a little confusing, but let the cigarette hang from the string connected to your thumb. Next, get your thumb and bring it to your forehead. Now, run your thumb and string across the center of your forehead all the way to the back where your neck stars.

Now move your hand across the side of your neck down to your body. So... the cigarette should now be hanging from your head, if you move your hand up, the cigarette should move down, and if you move your hand down it should rise.

Take the cigarette with your hand that does not have string and put it in your mouth as you would a normal one. Now turn to your side so the wax on your thumb isn't showing. Now with the other hand that doesn't have the wax (left hand), put it on your tongue. If your right hand is at the right level, it should balance because of the string holding it! now do the same with your finger balancing it and have fun with the rest!

TIP: Try not to move your head too much, use the hand with the wax to maneuver it up and down and the other to move it left and right!