Levitation body

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Levitation tricks are very cool. This first one is called the Balducci Levitation. David Blaine performed this on one of his T.V specials. Unfortunately we never actually got to see David perform it.

We saw the reaction from the spectators then the camera cut to David Blaine on a safety wire!

It is a shame he did not feel he could show the illusion without the use of camera trickery. It really is a great effect and so simple to do, with a little practice magic !

THE EFFECT: Amaze and amuse your friends and family with your new found ability to levitate. Gently rise about 3 - 5 inches off the ground!

• Perform anywhere, any time
• No gimmicks used just you
• One of the most impromptu levitation tricks ever devised, a very cool effect!

THE SECRET: Stand about 8 - 10 feet in front of your spectators with your back to them and at a 45 degree angle to their view point (main pic). Basically you push yourself up on your tip toes of one foot, but keep the other straight parallel with the floor. Depending on what foot you feel most comfortable lifting your body up with, this foot will be hidden to the spectators.

I use my left foot to make me levitate so I turn 45 degrees to the right of my spectators view point. That way they can see the whole of my right foot and just the heel of my left foot. When I push up on the tip toes of my left foot the view point is such that spectators can not see it!

At their angle it looks like I am levitating. They can not see my supporting foot because it is hidden by three things my trousers, the angle of the trick and my right shoe which hides their view of the left foot being used to levitate me.

In reality you might only rise 3 - 5 inches off the ground, but it's all in your presentation! People swear you went higher. Slowly rise off the ground, wait a few seconds and then drop fast. Stay up too long and they may figure it out.
TIP: Keep your heels together while levitating, this protects your angle. Also put your arms out straight, this gives a better effect than if they are by your sides.

TIP: Angle is everything. Practice this in front of a mirror or another person. Lack of practice will give you away.

TIP: When you get really good at the effect, as you levitate add a twist, by pivoting slightly on the foot that is on the ground. This move adds a whole new dimension to the illusion and looks really cool!

TIP: Be subtle, don't just say, "I'm going to levitate now" Say something like "Now watch my feet closely, I'm going to try something".

TIP: Your spectators need to be behind you in a group, not spread out or they might see how it is done.